Client Spotlight: LSPS Heat Logs

This week we are pleased to throw the spotlight onto one of our clients - LSPS - for their particularly interesting and innovative product: heat logs.

Heat logs are more practical to use because they are clean to handle (unlike coal) and easy to light, and once they are lit heatlogs are smoke free, with no sparks and no spitting. This means that heat logs are safer than other fuels.

UK heat logs radiate more heat than coal or ordinary timber, and therefore are more efficient at keeping you warm in the winter. This is in part due to the low moisture content of UK heat logs.

They leave virtually no unburnt fuels, meaning there is minimum waste, with most of the heat log being burnt and giving off heat energy to you and your room. The ash that they do leave can be used as fertilisers. This also means less tar, so less chimney cleaning and less risk of chimney fires.

Heatlogs are also far better for the environment, as they are made from the waste from environmentally friendly saw mills, eg. saw dust off-cuts, products which would normally be thrown into landfill. Therefore nothing is wasted, meaning less use of fossil fuels and less chopping down trees.

Overall, heatlogs are great for the environment, great for fuel efficiency and great for keeping warm - LSPS Heat Logs UK!

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