DBS are making a bold and exciting move...

thumbnailWe have exciting news! DBS have chosen to work from home permanently. 

A year ago when the COVID 19 pandemic hit, it was a shock for a lot of us across the country and the world that we suddenly found ourselves out of the office and working from home. Here at DBS, we were the same. We were working at the office on Monday and by Tuesday that week we found ourselves working from our homes. Whilst this was certainly a change, we had no idea that we would still be working from home a year on and in fact, we have made the decision to make the change a permanent one 

Over the past year, during what was certainly a strange time, working from home was something the whole team not only embraced, but enjoyed.  We saw an increase in productivity whilst also enjoying the flexibility that remote working allows.  

Moving forward, we will be closing our office in Navenby and working remotely full time. Whilst a big change like this is never easy to make, the move completely makes sense for us all as individuals and as a business. The entire team decided they preferred working from home and we are proud that remote working still allows us to provide a high level of service to all our clients.  

We also see the move an amazing opportunity to help support charities and local businesses. As we will no longer need all our equipment and items from the Navenby office, we are going to donate as much as possible to help raise money for great causes whilst ensuring nothing goes to waste unnecessarily. 

Our Managing Director, Julie Priestley says “It’s been important to me that the team are both comfortable and happy working from home.  Whilst I know some people have found the experience challenging, the DBS team have all agreed that the positives by far outweigh the negatives.  Technology allows us to work effectively and securely from home. I will be reviewing the situation and checking in with the team regularly to ensure this is still the right thing for us.”  

Working from home permanently was not necessarily something we thought would happen, however we are all excited about the change and looking forward to the future of DBS and continuing to work closely with our clients. 


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