Facebook Shops now available to businesses in the UK


Businesses in the UK can now use the Facebook Shops feature on desktop and mobile devices. This will allow people to discover new businesses and shop for products directly on the Facebook app.

Originally launched last year, Facebook Shops aim to make it simple, easy, and free for businesses to set up a Facebook storefront. Additionally, this shop can also be used on their Instagram account. 

Facebook has explained “The Shop experience for consumers will feature curated collections, products and recent posts from businesses of all sizes. People will be able to see personalised content from brands within the News Feed, and through in-product notifications or small business favourites they follow.”  

Facebook initially announced the launch of Shops in the US back in May last year. This was partly in order to help businesses amid the pandemic. Online shopping sharply increased last year as we were told to stay at home. Shops aims to bring a Facebook shopping experience to customers and provide brands with a new opportunity to sell to their followers. 

As many small businesses are now reassessing their e-commerce potential, social shopping tools such as Shops can be an easy way to get started and help to promote their products online, without the need to have a dedicated web store on their own site. 

With people being heavily influenced by products and advertising they see on social media channels, being able to purchase directly through the app can be a way to potentially improve sales performances for businesses.  

The best news is that Facebook shops are accessible to virtually all business accounts, no matter how big or small.

Read more about the initial press release regarding Facebook Shops here

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