Google Checkout merging with Google Wallet

Google announced on 16th November that it has started the process of merging Google Checkout into the existing Google Wallet to “create a single wallet, whether you’re buying online or in-store”.

The aim is to provide one simple and safe way to make online purchases. If you make a purchase from an online merchant that accepts Google Wallet or Google Checkout, all you have to do is enter your Google Wallet username and password without having to enter your credit card number or address.

A statement from Google said, “If you’re a current user of Google Checkout you can automatically transition your account to Google Wallet the next time you sign in or make a purchase online. All users can now access online purchase history and payment information at”

Google said they are committed to ensuring that merchants will be able to continue to process payments without interruption over the holidays despite the upgrade. They added that “shoppers using Google Wallet will be able to make purchases seamlessly on merchant sites that accept Google Checkout. Early next year, we will work closely with our merchant partners to switch to the Google Wallet logo and share details on new and upcoming features.”

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