Google Video Ads Hit UK

Google users in the USA have had video ads served to them via the Google AdWords scheme for some while.

All pay per click adverts are generated by bidding on keywords and can produce great amounts of traffic to your website. If you're not sure what pay per click is then click here for a brief presentation from DBS.
The "video unit" adverts are nestled amongst the text adverts and take the form of an image with an embedded video player - all you do is click the play button if you want to watch it.
This is what they look like:

This image doesn't work if you click on the play button - but if you look at these examples of Google Video Unit ads you will get the picture (pun intended).

YouTube provide the technology for this. Now we know why Google bought them.
Google have launched this technology in the UK.
In a press release, David Thacker, group product manager for Google stated...
"the program ( surely he meant programme?) will create a new revenue opportunity for publishers and content owners, and help advertisers reach their target audiences in new and innovative ways".
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