Have you looked through the window of your website?

<FileName> You might have heard the phrase, ‘Your website is a shop window’ (see DBS’ previous blog), but what does that mean in reality? You’ve spotted the shop amongst a host of other shops (online), you look through the window to see what’s on offer - you need reasons to stick around and explore, correct? It’s not about “who you are” – it’s about “how you can help” Websites, like shop windows, need a personality. Your website already covers what you do, however content marketing is about the promise your brand makes; it’s about empathizing with the customer, offering helpful, engaging information that affects the customer, and convincing the customer that you are the right person for the job. Customers want to spend time with content that appeals to them, not swamped with sales talk.

How can you positively impact customers? Since people want their needs met, they’ll inspect the landing page to see if there’s anything of value or interest to them – as you would in a shop. By only focusing on what you do this won’t ‘speak’ to people or appeal to them. So the trick is to write about the customer and how your service solves problems, or gives prospective customers what they are looking for.   “Brian wants to buy a new television, he visits various websites that clearly state what their televisions offer, and that their products are reliable and trustworthy. However one site stands out, this site offers helpful advice on choosing your TV and ensuring that he buys one that meets his specific requirements. As a result, that website has now made an impact on Brian – this company clearly knows what they’re talking about and they’re spending time on helping customers – Brian orders his new TV from them!”
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