Mobile Phone Advertising - an Untapped Market?

Internet use on mobile phones is predicted to go from 475 million minutes in 2008 to 1000 million minutes by 2011.

So far, records in the USA show that mobile advertising spend has doubled from 2006 to 2008 and is predicted to quadruple to $16,000 million by 2011.

The UK market is following suit with mobile internet use on the increase. 17 million people in the UK accessed the internet via a mobile phone, blackberry or PDA device in December 2007 alone.

DBS has recently completed an online "webinar" on Mobile Phone Pay per Click Advertising. We can set up Google Mobile adverts for any current or new pay per click clients.

A creative new feature is “Click to Call” that allows searchers to click on a telephone number - putting the call straight through to your business.

Early indications show that conversion rates are higher from mobile phone pay per click as users search rather than browse - possibly due to the cost of mobile phone internet use.

This is a new market that has opened up in the UK and DBS are delighted to offer advice and set up Google Mobile pay per click advertising campaigns.

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