Pinterest continues to increase in popularity


There are now up to 478 million monthly active users on Pinterest, an increase of over 30%. Growth has slowed down for Pinterest recently; this is to be expected with lockdown measures easing. However, this YoY (year on year) uptake is still impressive and significant to marketers and businesses alike. 

Monthly Active Users

This amount of Monthly Active Users (MAU) places Pinterest usage higher than both Twitter and LinkedIn; only TikTok, Facebook and Instagram currently beating it. It must be noted the exact figures are difficult to compare. Each platform using its own usage data which varies slightly.  

With the expansion of ads and new shopping options, the platform continues to grow its potential and should be a consideration for a lot of companies, especially those in the visual industry. Focused on the e-commerce options they provide, Pinterest is moving away from strictly being a social network.

Year On Year Growth

Pinterest reported a 78% YoY increase this year. This was predominately driven by “increased demand from mid-sized and managed small advertisers” as well as expanding into international markets. These numbers highlight the development of Pinterest as a key shopping platform, and therefore something online retailers should not glance over and dismiss as a chance to reach their audience and new customers. 

Pinterest said that the number of “Pinners” engaging with the shopping platform grew more than 200% in the past year. Statistics like these should not be ignored. 

Increased social media use and online shopping is inevitable due to recent lockdowns, however, it has been predicted the platform will hold strong as a shopping platform.

Search Trends

Pinterest have also recently shared some insights into the latest search trends from Pinners. The results show that people are now looking beyond the pandemic. Lockdown measures are now easing and these trends reflect the end is in sight.  

Pinterest explains that “while people turned to Pinterest throughout quarantine - with searches for topics like mindfulness, baking and home organization at historic highs - trends now show that same type of fervor, but with skyrocketing searches for vacations, and searches for outfits hitting an all-time high” 

This shift in what people are searching for can be extremely valuable for businesses as they can use these trends in their digital marketing plans and help guide your social media strategy for both Pinterest and more broadly. 

Pinterest has gone from being a place for people to find inspiring products and services to much more. They can now use this to easily purchase these items and help towards their dreams and goals. 

With this in mind, the platform should be a channel that businesses take seriously and think about whether Pinterest is the perfect place to effectively push their products.  

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