What It Means To Be An Employee Owned Business

People often ask me ”What does it truly mean to be an employee-owned business?" Back in June 2017, when we transitioned to Employee Ownership, I confess I sometimes struggled with how to address this question.

For Team DBS Digital, being an employee-owned business signifies our unwavering commitment and care to the growth and development of our staff as well as our clients. We are dedicated and fully invested to providing valuable digital solutions and exceptional service to our clients because we understand that our clients’ successes are intertwined with our own.

The word “Team” is also crucial for what we want to achieve. It’s about working together to create a lasting legacy- a business that will be handed down through generations within the DBS family. As there is no sole business owner to take the profits, it means we can reinvest in the business to fuel future growth but also ensure the profits benefit the staff and reward their hard work through competitive salaries and an array of company perks. We love that we can pass on the profits directly to our employees and my goal is to be an employer of choice.

Our company culture is built upon the nurturing and development of team members, fostering their growth within their roles through our commitment to ongoing coaching and training. This approach ensures the long-term sustainability and expansion of our “family” business. Our team understands the profound impact of small cumulative improvements- those little 1% differences that, over time, compound into something remarkable.

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