What you need to know about Google’s new ad features

clip_image002We’re very excited by some new updates available through Google Ads. The new changes to Google’s “Click To Message” capabilities are aimed at helping advertisers to get more conversions from their ads by encouraging actions from within searches. From what we’ve seen so far, they look like they could be very effective for our clients. What is “Click To Message”? “Click To Message” is a new extension for Google Ads that allows customers to send a text message (SMS) directly from a pay-per-click advert when it appears on their mobile phone. For example - a customer searching for hotels in London can now be presented with the option to not only click to phone the hotel to make their reservation, but also be presented with the option to send a text message instead – saving them precious time. With the number of people using mobile phones to access the internet predicted by Google to reach 6 billion by 2021 and approximately 65% of young consumers preferring to contact businesses through text or messaging, it seems like a smart option to provide consumers with this kind of flexibility. The new updates to “Click To Message” now mean that, rather than one of your team having to monitor a mobile phone for text messages, they can respond by email or through an automatic reply such as ‘Thanks for your enquiry. We’ll call you back shortly’. “Click To Message” is a great tool to improve your conversion rates. However, it’s important to track them properly and to be prepared for how you will handle queries that are directed your way. If you need help, then please don’t hesitate to contact our team of Google qualified Pay Per Click experts on 0800 988 8366.

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