Why are my Google pay per click adverts not showing when I do a search?

Please view our video by clicking here or read the info below: One of the most common questions that we get asked at DBS by our pay per click advertising clients is… "Why are my Google pay per click adverts not showing when I do a search?" For example, you might be typing into Google “cleaner Tunbridge Wells” or “Flower shop Southampton” and not seeing your ad every time. There are a number of reasons why you may not be seeing your advert when you try to trigger it. The most common reason is that your Google pay per click campaign may restricted by a limited daily budget. With Google pay per click advertising we set a daily budget – as soon as this budget is spent it means your adverts stop appearing. For example if we have to bid around 20p on a keyword to make your advert appear and your daily budget is £2 once your ad has been clicked on ten times then the budget is spent and your pay per click ad won’t appear again that day. Google also puts another factor into play. If it sees you have a relatively low daily budget it will try to spread the delivery of your pay per click adverts throughout the day rather than having all your clicks first thing in the morning which would spend all of your daily budget and mean that your ads stop appearing. Ironically if you continually search for your own ads you may be decreasing your chances of it appearing as Google will try to spread when it appears even more. A good piece of advice is to use the Google Preview tool when you search for your own pay per click adverts as this won’t affect when Google displays your adverts.There are a couple of solutions to the problem.
The first one is to ask us to increase your daily budget. If you are prepared to spend every day you are more likely to receive more business and it’s less likely that Google will stagger the appearance of your pay per click ads through the day A second option is for us to define a schedule for your pay per click adverts campaign. If we know that your account is limited by budget then we can narrow down when your advert appears and target certain time slots throughout the day such as 9am to 4pm or 6pm to 10.30pm If used wisely scheduling can ensure that your pay per click adverts are spread over the peak time of when potential clients are searching for your services and that your pay per click budget is used as effectively as possible.If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to contact DBS for more information.

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