Working With a PPC Agency - What To Expect

How to Get the Most from a PPC Agency

A PPC agency can be a game changer for many businesses. If you are new to Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), or have previously undertaken PPC internally then you may not know the benefits of using an agency to run your PPC for you.

Here, we discuss 9 things to look for in an agency in order to provide the best results for your business.
1. A PPC Agency That Doesn't Over-Promise

It is critical to choose an agency that doesn’t promise results that may not be possible to achieve. Although PPC is a great method to increase website traffic and in turn increase performance, there are no guarantees. If your agency is promising specific numbers in terms of results, then be wary. It is not possible to know exactly what results will be achieved to any degree of accuracy. This is due to the ever-changing nature of search engines, changes in the industry, changes in tactics from competitors, and even seasons. However, if you work with your chosen agency, they will help you spot the trends and get you results.

2. A PPC Agency That Gets To Know Your Business

It is unrealistic to expect a PPC agency to provide the best results possible from day one. Although results can be seen quickly, the PPC strategy will improve over time. Campaigns will be adapted and tweaked and bids will be raised and lowered. The more an agency gets to know what works for your business and learn more about the industry, the better the results will be.

It is therefore important to allow time for this initial period. The agency will learn from you to develop a bespoke strategy and discover which keywords perform the best for your business and target audience. Over time, a thorough and specific strategy will be developed that is proven to perform well.

3. A PPC Agency That Is Approachable

As a client, you need to ensure the agency you are using is approachable and that you can talk through any questions you may have. As the working relationship develops, so too should a mutual trust. Regular communication can help establish this relationship and allow you to work together to provide the best results possible.

4. A PPC Agency That Has Google Qualified Account Managers

One great advantage of using a PPC agency is that their staff can be qualified and certified by Google. This means that not only have they have taken exams in Google Ads, they have to resit them every year to remain qualified. As a customer, you benefit from their expertise as they take what they have learned and adapt it to your business to provide you with results.

PPC is not something that can be learned overnight because it is very intricate and Google are always developing the platform with new features. Although Google try to make their products easy to use, there are many elements to learn, including keywords, bid adjustments, ad extensions and much more. Having a PPC agency run your account gives you peace of mind that they will already know the intricacies of Google Ads and how best to use the tools for your business.

5. A PPC Agency Who Can Provide Results Quickly

Compared to SEO, which takes a while to develop and to produce results, a PPC campaign can drive traffic to your website much faster. However, it will still take time to optimise the campaign so you need to ensure that the PPC agency you choose is responsive and proactive.

6. A PPC Agency That Is Transparent

It is important to choose a PPC agency that will provide transparency. You need to know that they provide all the results to you and are willing to discuss these results at any time. How often are your ads shown? What is the Click Through Rate? What is the conversion rate? Ask them questions to understand the data and work with them to improve the quality of leads and conversions.

7. A PPC Agency That Provides Suggestions

You do not want a PPC account manager that is merely reactive. You want to hire an agency that can identify trends, understand what is currently working for your company and then adapt the strategy to produce greater results. Seasons can have effect search volume, as can competitors. The cost per click for your converting keywords today may be higher next month if a competitor makes changes to their own campaigns. Your agency should be on top of this and be able to talk you through what they plan to do to keep your campaign delivering results.

8. A PPC Agency That Keeps Up To Date With Changes

Google make frequent changes to their platform. They are persistent in their efforts to improve the user experience. Although these changes are often positive, they can be difficult to spot, particularly to those with minimal PPC experience. This is why it is imperative that your PPC account is run by someone that can not only spot when these changes have happened but can quickly utilize new and improved tools to benefit your performance.

9. A PPC Agency That Does Not Focus On Just Clicks

Although clicks are important, a PPC account manager should not solely be focusing on these. Clicks cost you money, so although it is good that people are clicking on your ads, you need an agency that also focuses on other metrics of success such as conversions and impression share. These are metrics that help determine your success factors. Only once you have found the balance of cost-per-click, budget, impression share and more, can you then work with your agency to scale the marketing.

If you are contemplating hiring a PPC agency, the list above should set your expectations. However, having an agency run your PPC accounts will enable qualified and experienced experts to use their knowledge to benefit your company. A reputable agency will hire qualified and experienced experts who know how to work with you to deliver results.

If you would like any information about how we can help you with your PPC needs, then the DBS Internet Marketing Team are here to help. Give us a call on 01522 811688.

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