Booking Online - Why We Prefer Online Booking

Booking online has revolutionised the way we shop, book and engage with companies. The past decade has changed the way we use the internet, especially when purchasing online. Online shopping used to be seen as risky, however it is now the norm. Further, you are expected to have an option for booking online. Your company may still take your bookings via the phone, many still do. This is a personal touch, but your company could be missing out by not having a booking online feature. Here, we discuss 5 reasons why having a booking online option can boost your sales.
1. Online Booking Is Universal

One of the immediate benefits of having an online booking system is that it removes any language barriers. If you only take bookings over the phone, language issues can arise. Browsers can automatically translate for the customer. The online booking system has the advantage as it allows customers from anywhere in the world to book with ease.

2. It Gives Customers The Control

Phone only bookings limits contact times to office opening hours. This can lead to a loss in transactions. Often, a potential customer will use their evenings to shop and book services and these hours tend to fall out of the traditional opening hours.

Giving customers the control of when they can book works better for them, and can automate the order processing. Online booking is something many people prefer. Booking online at a time that is convenient to them reduces the need to talk to someone on the phone.

3. Booking Online Can Provide The Customer With Live Information

Online bookings are becoming increasingly sophisticated and can update instantly, providing the customer with live information. Not only does this benefit the customer, it saves your business time as well by updating automatically. It provides the customer with a stress-free experience as they immediately know what the availability is, saving potentially a lot of time.

4. It Can Help Boost Impulse Purchases

People go online to carry out research before spending. Depending on what the item or service is, the level of research will vary. By having online booking options placed next to where the customers are doing their research, they are more likely to book on an impulse.

Historically, a customer would have had to search for your phone number on your website. With an online system, they don't even need to leave the product page.

5. It's Shareable

Social media platforms have transformed the way people communicate with each other. They also provide a great way to tell the world about your great offer. Once a customer has booked, they can easily share their booking with others via social media channels, giving your business valuable exposure at an extremely low cost, if any cost at all.

People are becoming increasingly comfortable with making bookings and purchases online. For many, it is now an expected option. There is nothing wrong with only taking bookings over the phone or other traditional methods. However, by ensuring you are making the booking process as easy for the customer as possible, transitioning your business to an online system can create a smooth and efficient customer experience that both your business and the customer will benefit from.

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