Facebook Shops Launched to Help Businesses Sell Online

Facebook StoresWith the launch of Facebook Shops, businesses are now able to sell their products directly in the Facebook and Instagram app. Although there has previously been an element of eCommerce to Facebook, such as Facebook Marketplace and tagging products in pictures, this is the first time a customer will not need to be redirected to a company’s website. Instead, they can purchase it without ever leaving the app.

With the current economic climate and pandemic, Facebook Shop is being launched at an important time for small and medium businesses who may be currently struggling due to their shops being closed. Having an option to set up a Facebook Shop for free is a great opportunity for businesses to explore.

Once they have set up their Facebook Shop, businesses can select which products they want to feature and customise the look of the Facebook shop to be inline with their brand and website. Collections of up to thirty items can be added, and the fonts and colours of the store can easily be changed. This flexibility will allow another method for their customers to buy their products and is available for companies of all sizes and budgets.

Facebook Shops can be found either on a business’ Facebook page or Instagram Profile. They can also be found on Stories and ads. Customers will then be able to browse the full collection, save the products they are interested in and place their order without leaving the app.

Customers will then be able to message the business through Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct or WhatsApp to ask any questions they have, get business support and even track deliveries.

Although the first stage of Facebook Shops has officially been launched, the availability of the service will become more widely available in the next few months.

It has also been released that Facebook are working on an Instagram shop, live shopping experience  and company loyalty schemes that can be integrated with Facebook Shops. With all of these new avenues opening up to reach your ideal customer, the way we shop online will continue to evolve and the Facebook Shops offer an exciting new opportunity that could benefit many small and medium businesses.

So if you are looking for another way to reach new clients, or perhaps run a promotion, consider Facebook Shop. 

If you would like to learn more about Facebook Stores or how you can use social media channels to boost your business then please get in touch with DBS.

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