Don’t forget about Bing Search Engine

Bing Search Engine

Not only is the Bing search engine colourful, but it also offers an excellent opportunity for advertisers to get a good ROI (return on Investment) in terms of pay per click advertising.Bing search page

Whilst Google still hold the lion’s share of UK search traffic, Bing are still working hard to bridge the gap between themselves and the market leader. Bing search engine powers the search feature on the Windows phone 8, Microsoft Surface, Kinect for the Xbox and it is the default browser on the Kindle and Apple’s Siri assistant.

Developments to the Bing user interface have made it very simple to import your current Google advertising to Bing. With only a few changes to be made in particular to the bid. The bid usually needs to be altered as the cost per click on Bing is usually lower than the cost per click on Google.  A lower cost per click means a far better ROI.

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