Google Ads Tests New Feature to Boost Calls

Do you find manually dialing phone numbers a pain? If you do, you’re not the only one and Google looks to be taking steps to address this frustration buy using QR Codes within Ads. 

QR codes have become a quick way to guide people to digital content through a simple camera scan, commonly used in physical marketing like billboards, posters and the public got more familiar with them when they were widely used during the covid-19 pandemic. Google, always forward-thinking, now brings this convenience to the digital realm to make their ads easier to engage with, leading to more enquiries for their customers.

You might wonder, why the need? In a world valuing convenience, some prefer avoiding manual tasks and some devices lack phone call capability, leading to manual and error-prone number entry.   
Google's Scan-To-Call QR Code Ad Extension shines as a user-friendly upgrade. Also, no more squinting at numbers if you misplace your glasses – just scan and proceed. Allowing users to say farewell to the hassle of typing numbers by replacing it with an effortless scan will be welcomed by many.

This small yet impactful improvement enhances the digital experience for people engaging with Google Ads, which will make their interaction with businesses using Google Ads even more enjoyable and seamless. 

We welcome this change and hope it see it as a big leap in convenience. Rest assured, if DBS Digital is running your campaigns, we’ll be adding this new feature as soon as it is available. 

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