Are you being followed? Audience Re-Targeting Explained

What is Audience Re-Targeting?

Have you ever been browsing a website then shortly after notice adverts from that website seem to be following you around? You could have been shopping for new shoes then gone to a totally unrelated website and there on the side of the screen is an advert showing you the shoes you have just been looking at from the website you were browsing. This kind of advertising is no accident, it’s known as re-targeting or re-marketing. 

The chances are 90% or more of the visitors to your website will disappear without a trace. What is Re-Targeting?By making a small change to your website you can target adverts to anyone who has been on your website, keeping your company name in the forefront of their mind.

Re-targeting campaigns are far more effective method than standard display advertising campaigns as your adverts will only show to people who have demonstrated an interest in your business by visiting your website and know who you are.

Re-targeting adverts can be the same adverts site-wide or product / service specific. It is an extremely powerful branding and conversion optimisation tool which can work extremely well alongside other digital marketing methods such as pay per click advertising.

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