Google Successfully Completes Transition to Mobile-First Indexing

After many years, Google has finally completed its transition to mobile-first indexing. This significant shift in SEO marks a new era of the importance of making your website mobile friendly. In this article, we'll explore the implications of this transition and provide steps to adapt and thrive.

Understanding Mobile-First Indexing 

Mobile-first indexing represents a fundamental change in how Google assesses websites. Instead of primarily using the desktop version for crawling and indexing, Google now prioritises the mobile version. 

Why does this transition matter? 

This shift is crucial because most online searches, approximately 60%, are performed using mobile devices. Google's focus on the mobile experience aims to deliver more relevant and user-friendly content. Google has been working on improving user experience for a while, previously making Core Web Vitals a confirmed ranking factor. Whilst "Page experience" is no longer a standalone ranking system, pages with excellent user experiences are still recognised and rewarded by ranking systems. 

What Should You Do For Best Results? 

  • Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly: Ensure your mobile site is fast, responsive, and easy to use. 
  • Keep Content Consistent: Make sure your content looks the same on both desktop and mobile. 
  • Check Mobile Compatibility: Use Google's Mobile-Friendly Test to see if your site works well on mobile. 
  • Speed Up Your Pages: Regularly check and improve how quickly your pages speed to ensure swift loading 
  • Focus on Core Web Vitals: Pay attention to loading speed, interactivity, and visual stability for a better mobile experience. 


Google's move to mobile-first indexing is a game-changer for SEO. To stay visible and relevant, focus on mobile optimisation, keep content consistent, and enhance user experience. Be proactive, monitor performance, and adapt to digital marketing trends for success in this mobile-centric era. 

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