Social Media Roundup July 2022

The world of social media is constantly changing and it can be difficult to keep on top of the new features and algorithm updates. This is why we are combining some of the latest changes into one blog for you.  

Instagram- New Option To Pin Posts

Let’s start with Instagram. After some initial testing earlier this year, Instagram have recently launched a new feature for everyone where you can pin up to 3 posts to a profile. These will stay the same regardless of the new posts that have created and are a great way of ensuring that new visitors to your profile can see key posts. 

Image Source: Instagram

So, what should you be pinning to your profile? You can pin regular photos, posts or Reels - the choice is yours. As a brand, choose posts that say the most about who you are. Do you have 3 main product or service categories? Have a post for each which explains these. Do you have three posts that you are really proud of and just look amazing? These are good examples to catch the user's attention and will encourage them to stay on your profile to find out more.

To pin a post, simply choose the post you want to pin, click the three dots option in the menu at the top of the page and select the new “pin to your profile” option. 

Linkedin- New Product Listings On Profiles

Back in 2020, LinkedIn launched their Product listing pages. These allowed businesses to post listings on projects they are working on. A recent feature will allow users to add specific products and projects to their work history. Not only is this great for people using LinkedIn to job search, it is another way for users to discover your business’ projects, could open up new marketing opportunities and be used for recruitment. 

Youtube- Youtube Shorts Being Seen By Over 1 Billion People A Month

Last month, YouTube revealed some interesting statistics about how their users are engaging with video. YouTube state that 1.5 billion users engage with YouTube Shorts content each month. That is an impressive figure when the overall monthly usage of YouTube is 2 billion users a month. Part of this trend has to be dedicated to TikTok who are showing the importance of short form video and how influential they have been at transforming the way people consume video content. In fact, YouTube Shorts were created in the first place due to the rise of TikTok as a way to stop users moving away from the platform. 

It is important for marketers and content creators to understand that this shift to short form video doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon and should be a major consideration in any video strategy.

Pinterest- A New Way To Shop

A new way to tag products is coming to Pinterest which will enable creators to add specific products details for each item in a lifestyle image. Pinterest says “With product tagging, merchants can add products from their catalog to their scene images. Pinners can easily shop for the exact items they love from the inspiring imagery they find.”

This subtle change will make it easier for companies to show specific items and help make the journey from browser to buyer easer. Initial tests of this new feature, according to Pinterest, showed 70% higher shopping intent on product Pins tagged in scene / brand images than standalone product Pins.

Showing inspiration scene shots can help show customers what the products look like in a real life setting and can potentially help convince them to buy. 

Image Source: Pinterest

These are just some of the recent changes that have occurred in the world of Social Media . All social media channels change constantly and we understand that it can be a challenge to stay on top of the changes, which is why we are here to help.

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